About the Course

98 lessons, activities, recaps, and reflections to strengthen skills and design a personalized path to success

  • Gain skills around physical and digital organization, planning tasks, navigating distractions, managing stress and finding balance, and setting personal and academic goals

  • Join the thousands of students that have benefited from the original Organizational Workshop, developing skills around planning, prioritizing, and time management.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Organizational Workshop!

    2. Course Learning Objectives

    3. Pre Course Survey

    4. Tips for Navigating this Course

    1. Introduction

    2. Reflect thoughtfully on the following prompts

    3. School Scheduling

    4. Let's Talk About Mornings

    5. Build Your Ideal Morning Routine

    6. Submit Your Morning Routine

    7. Navigating a Successful Weekly Schedule

    8. Creating Your Own Successful Weekly Schedule

    9. Recap

    10. Reflection

    1. Introduction

    2. Getting Organized: Binders

    3. Now You Try: Binders

    4. Getting Organized: Virtual Folders

    5. Setting Up Virtual Folders

    6. Now You Try: Virtual Folders

    7. Getting Organized: Planners

    8. Getting Organized: Weekly Regroup

    9. Keeping Track of Notes

    10. How to Take Notes

    11. Recap

    12. Reflection

    1. Introduction

    2. Paper Planners

    3. Going Through Online Portals

    4. Planning a Hypothetical Week

    5. Planning a Hypothetical Week Sample Answers

    6. Now You Try: Planner

    7. Recap

    8. Reflection

    1. Introduction

    2. Identifying Priorities

    3. Beginning Difficult Tasks

    4. Creating a Workspace

    5. Recap

    6. Reflection

    1. Introduction

    2. Research on Distractions

    3. Tips for Managing Distractions

    4. Exercise #1 Identifying Your Biggest Distractions

    5. Exercise #2 Navigating Distractions

    6. Exercise #3 Figure out what focused work looks like for you.

    7. Recap

About this course

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